Find a Licensed Therapist – Directory

Find a Licensed Therapist – Directory


Program Information

Find therapists who are licensed by Theravive, an organization that upholds continuing education, innovation, and strong moral values in counseling.

Type of Support: Provider directory

Help Provided: Alcohol, Anorexia or undereating, Anxiety, Binge eating disorder or food addiction, Bipolar disorder, Bulimia or binging and purging, Child Abuse, Child Loss, Client Loss, Death or Loss, Depression, Divorce or separation, Exercise, Gambling, Intimate partner violence, I’m not sure what drug or alcohol problem, I’m not sure what eating problem, I’m not sure what mental health problem, Lost to Suicide, Marijuana, Miscarriage/newborn loss, OCD, Opioids, PTSD or other trauma, Parent Loss, Personality disorder, Rage, Rape or sexual assault, Schizophrenia or other psychosis, Self-harm, Sex or pornography, Shopping and spending, Spouse/partner loss, Stimulants