Yoga for Life Transitions

Yoga for Life Transitions

Nikki Aiello Yoga and Wellness

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Yoga for Life Transitions is a workshop or workshop series for individuals going through challenging life situations like divorce, job loss, break-up, addiction recovery, or moving. The class involves both yoga education and time to share personal experiences and discuss the relevance of these practices in daily life. A single 2-hour workshop is $250 per person and a 4-session series is $800 per person.

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1961 S. Humboldt Street, Denver, CO, USA

Type of Support: Classes / Workshops / Training

Help Provided: Alcohol, Child Loss, Death or Loss, Divorce or separation, General wellness education, I’m not sure what drug or alcohol problem, Marijuana, Mindfulness and meditation, Opioids, Parent Loss, Spouse/partner loss, Stimulants, Yoga and fitness classes